About us

MAD Group is an online payment platform, a one stop gateway to access our training, consultancy and media solutions in a delightful and seamless manner.

Our unique faculty programs, diagnostics and consultancy and media services will lift individuals, organizations and our community as a whole to higher levels of adaptability and transformation.

Our mission is to “Transform Humanity to Make a Difference”

MAD Group

MAD Talks is an integrated digital media and video storytelling platform focused on building inspiring and meaningful content from the brightest minds globally.

We believe that “What got us here… Won’t get us there”! Prof Marshall Goldsmith’s famous book.


Xponential is an enabling platform for “Exponential Transformations” and “Future Readiness”.

Our platform funnels the complicated and fast changing world to manageable and concreate solutions to enable your organization to transform successfully.

We bridge the Transformation Decade from the “Present to the Future.”